Sailing in April

Posted by Rønnaug, 11 april 2017 in Norway and Sweden.

Finally, last weekend we had the opportunity to spend time at sea on “Fryd & Floke». First time this season. 😃⛵️ Friday after work we went to our sailboat with A LOT of luggage and food. It was very awaited and a delight to be out on sea again. We set the course to Strömstad in Sweden. 🇸🇪 Not far from the boarder to Norway.🇳🇴 We had beautiful weather but the heat still is on hold. So our winter clothes and wool are still diligent in use. We love a morning bath when we are living in the sailboat. 🏊🏼‍♀️ BUT the water temperature is still a little bit cold for us; 8.6 ℃. 😱


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