Happy Easter

Posted 16 April by Rønnaug, Nord Koster in Sweden.

Almost a week holiday, Lovely! 🐥 This year we manage to have the sailboat on water before Easter holiday. So we took Wednesday of work and went out with Fryd & Floke  Tuesday – Monday. We sailed to Skjærhallen, a place on one of the island on Hvaler. Its a excellent place for walks and training in the nature. So we enjoyed a lots of walks, cycling and of course drinking breaks… We met some friends who had a cabin on this island. A lovely time with BBQ, drinks, good stories and tons of laughter.

After a few days at the Hvaler islands, we sailed to Sweden and the Koster islands. Some happy friends of ours  was meeting us there. The weather forecast was not so good, but we hoped to see the sun. The Koster island has most sunny days in the hole Sweden. When we and our friends had moored the boats, we went to the beach for a BBQ.

Its not an Easter without a quiz! We made two teams; a girls team and a boys team. Prosecco and glasses was handed out to the participants. Let the game begin and May the best team win!!

And of course the GIIIIRLS wan!!!!! YEAH! 🐣🥇



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