Installing the wind generator

Posted by Rønnaug 24. April in Korterødkilen, Norway

When we are out sailing we like to lay at anchor. And since we also like to use power more than our solar can give us, we had to find a solution. We discussed what kind of power source we should purchase. We read about wind generators and different tests and in the end, the choice fell on a Rutland 1200. This weekend we installed this generator on a pole without stabiliser tubes because we didn’t know how tall we wanted the pole. So the stabiliser tubes will be the next step. But when we startet the wind generator it was quit noisy. A lot vibration from the generator was transferred into the pole and further to the boat. The blades it self didn’t make much noise. We hope to get rid of the vibration with stabilisers. Then we get really happy. I will get back to you on how things turns out. To be continued.


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