Hello Sweden

Posted by Rønnaug 2. May in Sweden!

Friday! We took free from work Friday and set sail from Sponbay, Norway to Havstenssund, Sweden. It was shitty weather, gail and a lots of rain. It was nice to drink hot chocolate and cointreau when we finally was arrived Havstenssund. Mmmmmm… And there is no trip without a battle in Mastermind! 🤓 And a glas of home brewed beer, a draught. Very nice and a litte bit strong 😜

Next day we sailed from Havstenssund under a blue sky and full sun. Lovely! 😍 We took a pitstop in Hunnebostrand to stretch our legs. We went haiking to a place called «Hunnebo-Klyftan». Its amazing how the nature forms it selfs over time. After a lunch in the sun, we sailed further down Swedens coastline to Soteneset. Here we meet some friends, made good food and drinks and good conversations. We had a really nice time beyond the late night hours.


Sunday we had to change course back towards Norway if we shall make it time to work on Tuesday. After a few hours we got restless and had to stop for a lunchbreak and haiking on Dannemark. A nice island with white sand on beaches, trees and rocks. It was terrible how much garbage and plastics that was washed into the beach and the rocks. We had a bag with us and collected garbage but unfortunately it was only a drop in the sea. But it makes a little bit difference if everyone can do the same thing. We sailed further north and the night we spend at buoy nearby Trossö, Havstenssund. We went up on a rock to see the beautiful sunset. You can never see too many sunset or sunrise.

The next day we had lovely breakfast in the sun before haiking on Trossö – Kalvö – Lindö. What a nice place. We will come back here again and again. Now we had to set sail home to Norway. We hope for nice weather next weekend as well. We will hear from us soon. Have a sunny week! 😎☀️🌻



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