Anchoring in the Swedish archipelago

Posted by Rønnaug 7. May in Sponbay, Norway!

A lovely weekend with summer temperature here in Sweden. Its a delight to lay at anchor/buoy. What an amazing feeling to wake up to the sounds of nature. We hear birds twittering, water gently strikes to the rocks and fish splashes the water from time to time. 🦆🐠

We had a relaxing weekend with some haiking on the islands around us, we watched the fish bumps in the water, read in our books (just bought a book about food and health), enjoyed the sunset. Family with children and grandchildren (sweet and charming at the age of 3 and 6 years) came to visit us on Saturday. The grandchildren were tough enough to get their feet into the very cold water… Brrrrr…. 😯 About 12-13 degrees at this time of year. It was lovely to see they played with the water and the nature. After barbecue with meat and sausages it was time for them to go home. We went back to our sailboat, Fryd & Floke. A lovely view to the sunset was waiting for us, so we tapped a home brewed beer and just looked at the colours the sun made as it went further and further down in the horizon. 🍻 We hoped you had a lovely weekend too. 😃


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