Improvements on the wind generator

Posted by Rønnaug, Sponbay in Norway!

We installed a wind generator a time ago (see Installing the wind generator) and had to do some improvements to reduce vibration and noise. So we bought some isolation materials to have inside the wind generator tube, so the noise dont propagates so much (see photo 1). We also made a plug of plastic (the red one in the photo 2/3) and rubber gasket (the black one in the photo 2/3) to fit in the bottom of the wind generator tube. Hopefully to reduce the vibration to the hull. To further reduce the vibration, we mounted two support rods near the top of the wind generator tube to the pulpit (see photo 4). This did a tremendous difference of the noise and vibration. But still we think it makes a lot of noise/vibration. So we turn it off when we want a quit time or go to bed. A good night sleep makes tomorrow sailers happy. 👌🏼😄






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