Beer festival in Fredrikstad 2017

Posted by Ronnaug, Fredrikstad in Norway

This Friday we sailed to Fredrikstad. A lot was happening in this city this weekend; Fredrikstad cup, Sail Isegran and of course Beer festival! Saturday the sweet and charming couple Line and Anders (Jan’s sister and her husband) visited us in our sailboat. They were lucky and got a taste of really good quality beer; Our homebrewed ale, 8 %. We named it Eselspark (Donkey kick).


We arrived the beer festival with really high expectations. Thirteen Brewing companies participated. We tasted among others: Double Darwin, Shit happens, Happy Kveik, Agurken (the cucumber), Sjøsprøyt (Sea Splash/Spray), Svartkrutt (Black Powder), Langeøra (Long ears, with coffee taste), Brunost (Brown cheese, a Norwegian goat cheese …). It was very different opinion which was the best beer. Some liked Svartkrutt, some Shit happens and others Langeøra. Conclusion this year we can say it was a lot of beer, some tasted good, some not so good.. We´ll be back next year!


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