Windy Weekend

Posted by Ronnaug, Sponbay in Norway!

Friday arrived with a lots of wind and rain. Not the best weather but we always try to get the most out of the weekends we dont work. This weekend seems to be very windy and a lot of rain no matter where we went (within short distance). So we relaxed and made some good food. The Captain baked bread for the first time in this Malö Yacht. Mmmmm…. It tasted so good.

Saturday we went for a long walk near the boarder between Norway and Sweden. We visited a robbed viking grave. After a close inspection of this grave, we went a little further and was rewarded with a great view over Singlefjorden.

We got really warm after this walk so it was just to jump out in the water…. The temperature: 16.9 oC. 😱 Well dried after this refreshing bath a homebrewed beer tasted really good! And a cider in the sun after that…. Cheers!


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