Sailing with the wind

Posted by Rønnaug, Kalvön in Sweden!!

In the middle of our holiday we sailed over to Sweden to avoid head sea and wind in the face later this week. We sailed early Thursday morning from Stavern, Norway and over to Kalvön, Sweden.

Sailing crew frydogfloke

Beautiful and quiet evening at Sweden with an amazing sunset. The clouds changed colours in all shades of yellow, orange, pink, lilac. Magic night! And The bathing temperature topple over 20 °C.

Sunset Sweden Sailing.jpg

The day after we woke up to the sound of drizzle and a grey layer on the sky. So with the morning coffee still warm it was time for a joyful reading aloud time . These days we are reading the blog of SY Maggie. An young Norwegian couple who sailed around the world for tree years (2010-2013). They write very entertaining and we enjoying reading their stories loud for each other.

Reading time

The captain baking bread and it smells fantastic. The stomach rumbles… Cant wait. Bon Appétit!


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