Summerholiday in Sweden

Posted by Rønnaug, Källö Knippla in Sweden!
Finally holiday.JPG

Our first night we anchored at Havstensund, before we went early next morning, the course for Orust. We wanted to go around Orust to see this island were our sailboat was built. We went trough Malö Strömmar and anchored at Dragmark. From here we toke the bicycles to the lovely place; Fiskebäckskil. Of course in terrible wind against us. 😫 But a delightful push on our way back. 😄We enjoyed the re-freshing, «warm» water several times a day. The captain baked delicious bread.

After Dragmark we went to Slussen Pensionat. It was reported a lot of wind this evening/night. So we wanted to stay in a marina.

The last night in Sweden, we went to a charming island, Källö Knipplan. We visit this island every year. Nice trail is made around the island with a lot of benches and barbecue sites. Here you can sit and enjoy lovely sunset in the west. The morning after the course was set for Læsø, Denmark. We´ll  be hearing from us. Happy sailing! 😃


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