Jan – The Captain, Mechanic, Fix-it-all kind of guy. He has manoeuvred sailboats for many years. Likes to; make things work, cook outdoor and inside, photograph, haiking, home brewing, weather apps, paddle kayak, go on adventures, music.

Rønnaug – First mate, Chemical engineer. She has enjoyed the sailor life since 2014.   Likes to; Cook, photograph, haiking, yoga, home brewing, a good book, knitting, paddle kayak, go on adventures, organise things.

Fryd og flokeFryd & Floke is our sailboat. We named her «Fryd & Floke», translated into ENG: «Delight & Tangle». A suitable name because its always a delight to sail away with «Delight & Tangle» but sometimes a little bit tangle occur. Since we work well together, we always fix and learn on our way. And everything is a delight again.

Fryd & Floke is a steady and safe sailboat. A beauty of Malö Yacht 36 from 1997. We bought her in 2015. She loves to go on adventures and especially new places.

More facts of our adventurous Fryd & Floke / Delight & Tangle to be continued.

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