Good and bad feng shui

Posted by Rønnaug, 26. April, Sponbay, Norway! This weekend we lived in the sailboat. During the weekend we made some delightful meals. To do so we needed either casserole, chopping board, strainer, kettles or other kitchen stuff. These things are stored in the kitchen cabinet. Its terrible to find things there. I always get grumpy when i … Continue reading Good and bad feng shui

Fryd & Floke

This boat become ours the summer of 2015. A Malo Yacht 36 from 1998. We were so excited!! We bought her in June on the other side of the country (Not complaining, Norway is not that wide (just long...). So we had to wait for our holiday to take over this beauty of a sailboat. WAIT … Continue reading Fryd & Floke