Flashback 2018

Soon we be back on water again... 10 weeks! Patience, patience... until then, we are living on memories 🙂  


Sailing to Koster

Posted by Rønnaug, Sweden. 27-29 April 2018   First sailing trip went to Nord Koster, Sweden. A lovely weekend! The photos speaks for themselves.

Charming Ebeltoft 

Posted by Rønnaug, Havstensund in Sweden!!!!   We had a lovely time sailing to Ebeltoft, bathing and fishing. No fish to get.... So when we first came to Ebeltoft, we was so hungry. We found a fish store near the harbour. With Danish ryebread, mackerel, herring, herring-snaps from Samsø and beer... The meal was complete. … Fortsett Charming Ebeltoft 

Sunny Saturday in Sweden

Posted by Rønnaug in Strömstad, Sweden! When the sun is shiny and the wind is warm, the life onboard Fryd & Floke is really good. Sailboat, hammock, book, sunhat, sun, boyfriend  😎👌🏼 The wind was going to increase during the night, so we wanted to go to a marina for the night. And whats better than … Fortsett Sunny Saturday in Sweden