Sailing with the wind

Posted by Rønnaug, Kalvön in Sweden!! In the middle of our holiday we sailed over to Sweden to avoid head sea and wind in the face later this week. We sailed early Thursday morning from Stavern, Norway and over to Kalvön, Sweden. Beautiful and quiet evening at Sweden with an amazing sunset. The clouds changed … Fortsett Sailing with the wind


Holiday in relaxed mode

Posted by Rønnaug, Stavern in Norway! Finally, on my third day into the holiday I can feel body and mind in relaxed mode. It always takes time to go from a busy and stressful everyday, to a calm and peaceful state of mind where clock dont matter. After the sailor life has revealed to me, … Fortsett Holiday in relaxed mode

Soon ready for the sea

Last finish before our sailboat Fryd & Floke is ready for the sea. Who knows what new adventures this summer will bring. 🔮☀️⛈🍦🚣🏼‍♀️🏊🏼🌅✨🌝