Good and bad feng shui

Posted by Rønnaug, 26. April, Sponbay, Norway!

This weekend we lived in the sailboat. During the weekend we made some delightful meals. To do so we needed either casserole, chopping board, strainer, kettles or other kitchen stuff. These things are stored in the kitchen cabinet. Its terrible to find things there. I always get grumpy when i have to empty the cabinet the get what I want. 😖 I like most things organized and  don’t sleep well at night when things are a mess!

A disorganized kitchen cabinet
Bad feng shui – Disorganised kitchen cabinet

So Sunday I decided to empty the cabinet and be critical to what we should have inside. Everything we normally don´t use, must go! Here is the result. Not like home, but good enough. 👍🏻 😃

Good Feng shui - Kitchnen cabinett
Good feng shui – Sleep well at night

And since the good feng shui in the kitchen cabinet are as good as it gets in a very small place I feel I can take a well deserved timeout. This includes sun, beer, peanuts and continue to knitting a sweater. This upcoming weekend we shall improve over wind generator mounting because of loud sound/vibration. Check our blog late this week to see how things are going. ⛵️☀️😎💛


Enjoying the sun beer knitting


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